Visit Summary Report

13 Apr

This is the summary report of visiting schools, dinas pendidikan and others in Wamena, Merauke, SEntani, Jayapura and Biak regencies. Short brief information could be seen as belows..1 Education office of Wamena

Already connected to Jardiknas but not yet shared to ict and schools due to lack of ict skill and knowledge on how to share the internet access

2. SMA N 1 Wamena

It should be the center of ICT, but not yet connected to Jardiknas.
ICT Teacher is an Indonesian languange teacher and one teacher comes from outside paid by school.
Tower 20M high established completed with 4 sectoral antennas and radio, ready to be connected to Jardiknas. Needs ICT Training for MRIT. There are 14 Available computer and still needs more

5 SMP N 1 Wamena The total of 680 students, 3 labs (sains, English and Computer).
ICT Teachers need more computer labs due to the it is not appropriate.
ICT Teachers background is indonesian language and social major
Electrict power doesn’t support to turn on 20 PC during teaching learning of ict. So that they only use 10 pc .
Needs a building for multimedia
The facilities of practising sains are out of date, oldfashioned which don’t correlate to the curriculum. Needs more material accordingly.

6 SD Yapis Wamena

A good and to be the first choice of entering elementary school with the total students 642. Local students (papuan) are free of charge- no school fee. The school got fund from the teacher-parents committee during 2003-2008. Some facilities were stolen. The school conduct CALISTUNG ( abbreviation of reading, writing and accounting), is a way of teaching the students who are slow and quick learners. Teahing aids and library are not available yet.

7 SMK Yapis Wamena

Established in 1985 consists of 3 departments namely, accounting(6classes), office administration (16 classes) and IT departments (1 class) . The total of students are 685 with 36 teachers.
This schools has equipped with 40 computers, supported by 3 teachers of computers.
Less of practise room of accounting and administration department.
Teaching learning process is conducted into 2 shif, morning and afternoon due to limited classroom so they still need 4 buildings.
No internet access.
Need IT training – MRIT


A private university under YPPGI foundation, consists of 3 departments namely Indonesian languange, English Languange and Mathematic departments. Total of students about 500 supported with 16 teachers (14 teachers have s1 and 2 teachers have s2 degree)
This institution is responsible to create the graduates to be a teacher of junior high school. Unfortunately, it is not equipped with the supporting facilities like moduls, english lab, native speakers, access room. Multimedia and teaching aids, library. They really need.

9 ABA Naitaken

Located in remote area, about 4 hours driving from wamena. It is a private foundation managed by Scoty and Michele. This foundation is free for students. It has some competencies like computers, aviation and teacher to be. This foundation is also supported by Oikonomos foundation based in Jayapura. Electric power is available.

10 SMA N Bokondini

Located in remote area near by ABA Naitaken, has 180 students. Electric power is supported by ABA Naitaken. The school have no computer, only 1 laptop.

11 SMP 5 Jayapura

A pilot project of Junior High School in Jayapura which gets internet access with the capacity of 2Mbs bandwith from Local Government. It is to be the center of MGMP (teachers forum), implement ict learning in teaching learning process though not all teachers are not familiar. The principal has a good and wide vision of using ict learning.

12 SMA N 2 Merauke

Has a potential teachers of ict but not permanent teacher (fee paid by school), it has 15 class, which each of it consists of 40 students. The school has only around 15 computers for parallel teaching. ICT lesson is given 2 periods every weeks.

13 Koalese KPG Merauke

An institution which creates teachers to be of junior high school. It has around 500 students with ONLY 1 pc to be used in ict learning. Most of the students comes from outside of Merauke. After finishing their study, the come back to home to teach. Some of them stay in dormitory provided by intitution. Already connected to Jardiknas with 1 pc.

14 SMK 3 Merauke

Supposed to be the ICT Center since it was established in 2004, but due to lack of skill,management and human reources, the ict could not running well. It has more than 40 pcs, and 2-3 laptops. Upon our visiting, we tried to connect it to jardiknas and succeded.


It is located in the border of Indonesian country and Papua New Guniea (PNG). 50% students come from PNG. Transfer of studying Indonesian Language for students from PNG is used Peer to Peer. The ones students who can speak indonesian teach the others who just enter the scholl.
The school has lack of electric power, Genset is to be the substitution, consumes 5 litre gasoline, 25.000 rupiahs per day.
Teacher housing are being built for 3 couples which could be occupaid by 5 families.
Total of teachers 19 peoples and some of them stay outside of school, like in district office, public health office and joint with other families.
All the students are free of charge, thye even get daily needs from education office to support their daily live in dormitory.
TV Education was established in 2006 but now its not operated due to lack of electric power.
Its hoped that this school to be community college of people surround the school in agriculture and planting.
The governor of papua gave operational car (L300) to be used in this school.

16 ICT SMK N 1 Sentani

Its established in 2004, and to be the ICT Center . Some of facilites already set it up well. It has IndosatM2 and Jardiknas internet connection.
Training conducted in this ICT Center : KKPI (Management of Information and computer skill) for smk teachers.

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